Hindu Scholarships

Finding Hindu scholarships within the United States may be more difficult than considering the option of an international scholarship. Outside of the United States, one of the most prestigious Hindu study programs that offers scholarships is the Oxford Center for Hindu Studies which is operated through Oxford University in the United Kingdom. The scholarships and programs are offered to both national and international students.

There are a number of smaller awards and scholarships provided to 50 Kashmiri Pandit students completing courses in higher education. A large scholarship offered at the University of Washington through the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute awards up to $10,000 for ongoing education or research in the field of Hindu studies.

The University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada offers several different scholarships that are awarded for various academic achievements of students within the religious studies program that are working on a specialization in Hindu studies. One such award is the Hindu Samaj Award of $500. There are generally more scholarships offered for Hindi studies in the United Kingdom and Canada than are found within the United States. 

Another source of scholarships for Hindu students is through religious organizations. These are usually only practical if you are a practicing Hindu and are not typically available to students not of the Hindu faith that are working towards a degree in Hindu studies or religion. In some cases, if a member of the organization petitions on your behalf or if you have started to practice the Hindu faith exceptions may be possible. Talking to colleges and universities as well as contacting Hindu cultural organizations may also help you determine if scholarships are available for the educational program you are hoping to complete.


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