Engineering Scholarship

Due to the fact that engineering is a popular post-secondary choice, there are a wide number of scholarships available for college students entering the engineering programs. This is consistent with existing students moving into graduate-level courses. It is possible to find scholarships for all types of engineering programs from heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) technicians to scholarships specifically for women entering into the field of engineering. Scholarships will vary in criteria as well as the total value of the scholarship. Some engineering scholarships are available only once, while others can be renewed as long as the student meets all expectations, continues on as a full-time student, and does not exceed the maximum allotted years for the award.

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society is an organization dedicated to assisting American Indian students that wish to move into post secondary programs of study within those two fields. The group offers both scholarships and internship for students of American Indian heritage that meet all other requirements and criteria. The internships offered run over a 10-week period in the summer and allow students to work within various organizations to understand the role of professions in the field.

The National Society of Professional Engineers is a general engineering organization that has various types of professionals within its membership. This organization offers scholarships and awards generously donated by individuals and companies that make up the membership of the National Society of Professional Engineers. Scholarships vary based on type of award and donations made to the fund.

Each distinct engineering specialization has their own set of scholarships, awards, grants, and internships. A few examples of scholarships include those offered by the ASMEAmerican Society of Civil Engineers, as well as the Institute for Industrial Engineers. Each different organization will specify the requirements, application date and information that must be provided with your scholarship application. 

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