Culinary Scholarship

There are many different organizations that offer culinary scholarships. Some scholarships are located within the United States while others provide opportunities for chefs in training to travel to different parts of the world. Some programs also help supplement the cost of exchange student experiences.

When looking for culinary scholarships it is important to consider the culinary school as well as the style of cooking most associated with the school. Some scholarships are more general in nature and can be used at any accredited and recognized culinary school within the United States as well as internationally. One unique scholarship opportunity is the Chefs 4 Students Organization, which allows current professionals chefs to plan and complete fundraising dinners and tastings to fund scholarships for culinary students. Depending on the fundraising activities and the total amount of the money for scholarship the number of awards per year as well as the amount offered will vary.

For women wishing to enter the word of culinary careers the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Organization offers a scholarship to female culinary students that meets all the required criteria for the award. Another professional association that offers various types of scholarships and intern programs for culinary students is the International Association of Culinary. This organization has been granting scholarships for international programs of study for decades and continues to work towards promoting increased interest in the culinary arts though education and internships.

The Culinary Trust offers a huge number of scholarships both for general culinary studies as well as for specific programs of study. Students can be current chefs that are branching into learning about a different type of cuisine or first time students that are just starting in their education. These programs are both national as well as international with values for each scholarship varying based on location, expenses and overall requirements of the course of study.

A great source for many of the major and more minor culinary scholarships offered can be found at the Hospitality Guild website. Some of these scholarships are for chefs, while others are for those students working in other areas of the culinary field such as restaurant management, hospitality and related fields. This site lists the name of the scholarship, the granting organization as well as the deadline for applications and either the minimum or maximum amount of the award.


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