Cosmetology Scholarship

There are several memorial scholarships, school scholarships and even company scholarships available to cosmetology students. Like any type of vocational training, cosmetology courses are expensive, so finding scholarships that don't require the student to pay them back can help in overall funding of the program.

Some cosmetology scholarships are through private foundations and organizations that work to help women and families. Once such foundation is the Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc that offers the Women's Independence Scholarship Program. This scholarship is designed to assist women that have been involved in abusive relations to be able to return to school and learn a trade or earn a degree. This scholarship is based on both the type of education that the woman is pursuing as well as a demonstrated need for financial assistance to be able to complete the program of study. 

Other sources for cosmetology scholarships are companies that provide goods or services to the beauty industry. Sally Scholar is one such scholarship program. Sally Beauty Supplies provides scholarships, in partnership with the National Cosmetology Association. 

The Cosmetology Advancement Foundation (CAF) also offers scholarships through the ACE Grant Program. Emphasis is placed on all students (male and female) having access to these scholarships. Cosmetology competitions can serve as sources of grants or scholarship opportunities.

Organizations that provide cosmetology scholarships can include regional businesses and foundations as well, like the Liza Warner Scholarship for high school graduates attending either the Orlo School of Beauty.

The Robert and Irene Kimber Cosmetology Scholarship is specific to full-time cosmetology students attending Idaho State University. To apply for this scholarship, students must be enrolled full time and maintain grade point average.


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