Christian Scholarship

Many different churches, foundations, organizations and agencies offer Christian-based scholarships for post secondary education including undergraduate and graduate level courses. Typically, these scholarships are provided for students attending a Christian university or college or students within a specific educational field. There are also specific scholarships for students planning to complete degrees directly related to religious studies or for those students planning to attend a seminary or theology program to purse a career as a religious leader within their given denomination. Some scholarships are offered by a particular faith such as Catholic scholarships, Baptist scholarships and even Buddhist scholarships. Christian scholarships tend to be open to students outside of a particular faith who still wish to attend a Christian secondary education program.

One scholarship program offered to practicing ministers and researchers within the Church of Christ encourages and helps with financial support of those professionals that wish to further their education at the graduate level. Students can apply for scholarships at many of the prestigious universities both in the United States and well as internationally through this Foundation. The United Church of Christ also offers a group of scholarships collectively known as the Brown Scholarships that offer as much as $10,000 per year awarded to students that agree to work with the United Church of Christ or an affiliated church for at least one year after graduation. The Church also offers lesser scholarships of up to $1,000 for undergraduate students that are members of the United Church of Christ.

There are specific scholarships set aside for children of missionaries that wish to continue their education either within the United States or in the country the family is providing missionary service. There are also scholarships for women that are moving into the higher levels of degrees in the field of religious studies or related areas. The Jessica Powell Loftis Scholarship for Acteens is a specialized scholarship that funds teen-based leadership activities within the missionary field. Students can use the funds for specific trainings or can also apply the scholarship towards their education.

The Fund is an organization that has been established to help Christian students obtain the funding they require to continue religious studies. There are several different fellowships or scholarships offered through the Fund and students don't have to be of a particular denomination, however they do need to be full-time students pursuing a religious studies program. Each fellowship and scholarship is handled differently and evaluated based on the student's match to the criteria and need for financial assistance.


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