Catholic Scholarship

Catholic scholarships are not as common as some of the other scholarships, largely due to the vast number of Catholic individuals that live within the United States. Providing specific funding for Catholic students is often cost prohibitive to the Catholic church, however there are specific scholarship programs offered. One of the differences between Catholic scholarship programs and general Christian scholarships is that Catholic scholarships are typically only applicable to Catholic private post secondary schools and often have a requirement of service to the Church upon completion of the degree or academic program. Often this includes working in the church as a missionary or in a supporting role within the church.

Catholic scholarships may be linked to various organizations and groups that exist within the massive structure of the Catholic Church. There are several different scholarships of this nature including the Father Krewitt Scholarship, which is awarded to a student that is a member of the Kolping Society. The Kolping Society is a group that is dedicated to action and higher education and the Father Krewitt Scholarship is available to students that have a financial deficit prohibiting them from completing their education. Another Catholic group, the Knights of Columbus offers up to 12 Fourth Degree Pro Deo and Pro Patria Scholarships to Catholic students across the United States each year. These renewable scholarships are $1,500 each and can be renewed as long as the student has outstanding academic performance at a Catholic University for a maximum of four years.

Diverse groups that make up the Catholic Church also offer specific scholarships for students of a particular cultural heritage in connection with their faith. For example, the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Scholarship, for students that are either of Slavic or Czech heritage offers several scholarships of up to $1,750 each. The programs provided by the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association offers several scholarships per year and requires no further commitment of the student to any requirements other than maintaining academic standing.

For Catholic teaching professionals that wish to return to school at an accredited college or university and continue their education the National Catholic Educational Association offers several different scholarships and grants. There are several grants for teachers that are focusing on education in social justice, research on Catholic education, new initiatives in Catholic education as well as special education. In most of these scholarships, the teachers must agree to share their knowledge with their colleagues and remain at the same school for at least one year after graduation. If considering this type of scholarship be sure to clearly understand the expectations of the scholarship fund and what you in turn are agreeing to fulfill upon receiving the scholarship award.


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