Biology Scholarship

Biology encompasses a huge range of subject and specialty areas and the good news for students is that almost every different area offers some form of scholarship. Students typically need to have a high GPA (grade point average) and sometimes even specific types of work experience or courses completed in order to apply for and be awarded a biology scholarship. Most colleges and universities will have biology and science departments that also offer their own biology scholarships, so it's beneficial for students to stay on top of what scholarships are being offered where.

Typically, subject specific types of scholarships range from a few hundred dollars a year to several thousand dollars. Very rarely is a full scholarship in the sciences awarded to any student. There are several biology scholarships that are granted to particular groups of student. Once such scholarship is the Association for Women In Science which awards up to $1,000 dollars per female student for up to 10 different students at the undergraduate and doctorate level.

Another specific type of biology and science scholarship is the National Garden Club Scholarship. This is a fairly substantial scholarship, up to $3,500 per student for approximately 34 students. In addition, almost all state Garden Clubs provide scholarships. State scholarships are in horticulture or a related field and are typically restricted to accredited programs within the particular state that is awarding the funds. The Libbie H. Hyman Memorial Scholarship is offered through the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology and is specific to students completing their degree or starting research projects having to do with invertebrate in freshwater, land or marine environments. The Wildlife Leadership Award given by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation awards a $2,000 scholarship to students entering the wildlife and/or environmental management field. 

Universities that have a large biology department may offer a host of scholarships. Slippery Rock University, located in Pennsylvania, offers a total of 10 different biology related scholarships. Each scholarship is for a different amount per year and most are based on academic standing within various biology fields. Students can apply for more than one scholarship provided they meet the application criteria.



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