Baptist Scholarship

There are several different scholarship programs open to students that are attending Baptist schools and post-secondary institutes as well as for those applying to seminary and non-religious degree programs. One of the largest providers of scholarships is National Ministries. Some of these programs or scholarships are very specific in their criteria for application while other are more general. These scholarships are offered at the undergraduate, graduate and Doctoral levels. There is also one scholarship, the Ellen Cushing Scholarship, which is specifically for females that are planning to work in a secular career geared towards providing service to the community.

Various churches, typically larger Baptist Churches, provide their own individual scholarships. These awards may include both secular education scholarships as well as specialized seminary programs. One of the easiest ways to find different churches is to use the Directory of American Baptist Churches. In addition your can also check your specific churches website for information or criteria for applying for a local scholarship.

The Baptist scholarships include many memorial types of funds. This are specialized scholarships set up in honor of family members or church leaders that contributed to the church, education or leadership roles. Typically the criteria for these scholarships will be very specific, often including the exact university or college as well as course of study. These scholarships include the B. Laverne Anderson Memorial Scholarship, and the Theodore James Adams Scholarship given out by Bethel University. Usually these scholarships are limited to a one type grant however some can be renewed based on academic performance and demonstration of financial need by the student and the student's family. There is also the North Carolina Baptist Scholarship that requires recipients attend one of the five Baptist schools in North Carolina.

There are several other Baptist sponsored scholarships programs that include the Baptist Youth Leader Awards, the Baptist Church Matching Scholarship and the Church Related Vocation Scholarship. Since each specific scholarship is very exact as to the details for application, it is well worth your time do some research into different programs and scholarships available. In many cases, the awards are church specific, however there are general programs as well. Some scholarships such as the Baptist Church Matching Scholarship require the student attend Baylor University but must also be able to prove financial need. In these types of scholarships either the student's or parents tax returns will be included in the application process.


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