Art Scholarships

There are many different types and categories of art scholarships in fields such as such as computer animation, graphics, and multimedia arts along with more traditional art programs that include theatre and performing arts, music, visual arts and writing. Knowing what type of art program you are looking for can help narrow down your search to find the program that is best for your needs. Typically an art scholarship will not be sufficient to pay for your complete degree program, however they are an excellent supplement to a grant or loan.

Places to look for art scholarships include specific scholarships offered by colleges and universities, charitable foundations, civic and community foundations, organizations and associations, through art festivals and competitions and even from large retail stores or chain stores that offer grants, loans and scholarships. An example of a large franchise operations offering scholarships not university-specific would be Target stores.

Professional organizations that include artists from almost any category or style of art imaginable typically offer some scholarships. Although they may be relatively small, these supplements are important and can be very helpful in both getting your name out there as well as receiving some additional funding. Professional organizations in the United States the offer scholarships include the Stained Glass Association of America, which is specifically designed to provide students with up to $1,000 dollars to complete stained glass classes and workshops while working on their full academic program. The International Furnishings and Design Association provides six different scholarships that can be used towards degrees in Interior design or a related field at either a full or part time level. The American Society of Interior Design hosts a wide array of awards and scholarships with regards to particular programs within interior design.

In order to make your scholarship search more manageable, narrow your search criteria in the browser to include the specialized area of art you are interested in. Schools often have several scholarships in different areas such as those found at the Illinois State School of Art. These types of scholarships are often based on the student's artistic ability and talent and a bit less on their academic standing. Reading through the criteria can help you decide which scholarships you would like to apply too. Keep in mind that scholarship applications are usually free, so applying to as many as you qualify for can increase your chances of finding additional educational funding.


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