African American Scholarship

African American students have the option to apply for several specialized scholarships within different fields of study. Scholarships are typically based on some type of criteria including merit, grades, leadership or volunteer service, or commitment to working within a specific industry. One such scholarship is offered by the William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship for Minority Students. This scholarship is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students that are African American or another minority. Students must attend an accredited university or college and be working towards a career in the non-profit sector. This scholarship does require an internship in Washington, DC as part of the criteria for the program. In addition, leaderships skills and experience, an interest and aptitude in both written and oral communication, as well as a proven academic record are all part of the criteria for the scholarship.

The National Society of Black Engineers offers their own scholarship fund for students that meet the criteria outlined on their website. These scholarships are for engineering students that are planning to advance their education or enter into the field of engineering. Criteria does not always include a high grade level but may be granted based on financial need, accomplishments and other selections. The NSBE also has pre-college scholarship programs for younger students that are entering into engineering programs and careers. These programs also provides mentorship opportunities beyond the scholarship program, as well as networking for new graduates and professional engineers through their website, trainings and professional organization.

The CIA undergraduate fund was originally developed for minority students but now is open to anyone. Undergraduate African American and minority students are encouraged to apply and can receive up to $18,000 with the award. Information and applications can be found at the preceeding link. This scholarship is one of the scholarships granted on both academic standing and demonstration of leadership skills. Another specialized scholarship opportunity is through the Thurgood Marshall Fund. There are different scholarships offered through the fund and some require that the student have a financial need and that the award be used towards room and board, tuition, or other bill paid directly to the college. Other scholarships within the fund are more general in scope. Typically these scholarships are for those attending traditionally African American colleges and universities throughout the United States but may also be used in other programs depending on the type of scholarship.

The Jackie Robinson Foundation offers annual scholarships for high school seniors that are interested in obtaining a post secondary education. This scholarship is based on the criteria of being an African American or minority student, having already been accepted to a four-year accredited university or college program, high academic standing, and strong leadership ability within the school or community.



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