Accounting Scholarships

There are many specialized scholarships available to students within different programs of study. The benefit to a scholarship over a loan or grant is that you typically will not need to repay the money, however you will be required to maintain certain standards to keep qualifying for the scholarship. Accounting degree scholarships may be based on factors including the grade levels obtained in various courses, and the individual needs and financial status of the student. A particular group or organization that promotes scholarships to students of different minorities, businesses and even of advanced levels of education also offer different types of monetary scholarships, like the Doctoral Fellowship in Accounting scholarships.

There are many different organizations offering accounting scholarships including two programs that provide scholarships for females working towards an accounting degree at the bachelor, master or PhD level. These scholarship programs are The Foundation Scholarship Program and the Educational Foundation for Women in accounting. Like all scholarships, the criteria for each will vary depending on the scholarship itself as well as the type of programming the student is enrolled in and completing. For most scholarships recipient must be attending full-time and maintain a specific grade average to continue receiving the scholarship.

Different organizations also provide scholarships in accounting for students of different ethic and cultural backgrounds. The Association of Latinos in Professionals in Finance and Accounting offers two scholarships at two business schools. The National Association of Black Accountants offers scholarships to minority students and has contributed over 8 million dollars in scholarships since the program began.

Scholarships are not only for minority students, and there are many different accounting scholarship funds that are awarded to any student that applies and meets the criteria. Some of the most well known general scholarship programs in accounting include those offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or AICPA. Scholarships from the AICPA are awarded yearly based on a number of factors. Likewise, the National Society of Accountants provides around thirty scholarships each year for qualifying applicants. A history of the program as well as the forms required to apply for a scholarship through the NSA can be found on their website.

Many scholarship are available for accounting students, while others are automatically granted once the student is enrolled in a post-secondary program. Other scholarships can be applied for online or through school financial offices. In some cases specific organizations such as the Government Finance Officers Association, provide specific scholarships for students that are planning an accounting career within the government sector. Doing some reasearch browsing around can uncover many different scholarships that are well worth applying for within the accounting field.

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