Single Parent Student Loans

Raising children can be very difficult on a couple, but for a single parent it can become extremely challenging, especially when the parent chooses to return to school to finish his or her education. Along with the everyday hardships of running a household, paying for food, clothes and all other expenses, single parents returning to school have to consider the cost of college beyond what scholarships and grants cover. Even with grants, scholarships and a federal loan, they do not normally cover the entire cost of the single parent's schooling. Luckily, there are student loans designed specifically for single parents. These single parent student loans make it possible for those that are financially struggling to further their education and attend college to provide a better life for their families and themselves.

Single parents are looking for new ways to continue their college education alongside getting some flexibility along with financial freedom. Online and distance learning programs, along with conventional community colleges, universities and colleges have expanded their programs to include non-tradition students, due in part to the profitability. Many single parent students are older, not first time college students, have one or more degrees and already have a career. They are in a position to change careers, continue their education, or parlay their current job into a better job with a bigger income. In today's competitive business world, it has become necessary for professionals to keep improving their education.

For single parents, one of the most innovative and popular lending resources is Sallie Mae, which offers many loan options. With the increasing number "non-traditional" students over 25 returning to complete their education, there is a definite demand to produce loan programs specifically for their needs. Between experiential learning, economic changes, an increasing older population and financial aid that has more customized varieties, non-traditional college students have increased, and many of them are single parents. There are various resources available for this section of the student population, especially alternative loans. The federal government does offer some assistance but are still quite behind when it comes to single parents financial needs. Two sites with further information are and the Federal Student Aid website.


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