Private Student Loans

Getting a college or university education after high school has become very expensive, but it is also extremely important for people to get a good education in order to embark on a lucrative, rewarding career. Going to college and paying the tuition is difficult, and sometimes there is insufficient state and government funding to meet student needs. Some students receive grants and scholarships along with state and federal loans. Still, many have huge debts hanging over their heads from the cost of their education. Luckily, there are private student loans available for students to help them pay for the remainder of their college expenses. 

When searching for financial aid and looking into private financing for student loans, most banks including Bank of American, SunTrust, Capital One and Citibank have  information for students requiring loans to help pay for their college or university education. This is a good way for students to explore the many plans and options available and compare these when looking for a private student loan, before speaking to a loas officer. The demand for online banking services continues to grow, which makes resources more easily available to the public. This puts banks in a better position to compete for customer business including private student loans. Some good sites for additional information include and

Many banks and private lenders have specific areas on their websites that deal with student loan programs and offer options and advice for students to review. When looking into private student loans, interest rates will vary by program and lender and are normally higher than student loans issued by the state or federal government. Interest rates for private student loans should still be lower than regular personal loans due to a private student loan program. One of the advantages to having a private student loan versus a government loan is that the use of the funds is not limited to tuition, and can be used to cover the costs of student housing, books, travel for internship programs.

Even if a student qualifies for a private loan, it is often better to have someone co-sign to receive a lower interest rate. The reason for this is the lender feels there is less risk involved with a co-signer that has a good credit score. When applying for a private student loan, make sure you read the terms, conditions and fine print before accepting the terms. Be sure to ask any questions and voice any concerns with your loan officer.


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