International Student Loans

International student loans are available to non-U.S. citizens wanting to come to attend an American college or university. Studies show that approximately 60,000 international students seek to attend a higher education institution in the states. As the number grows, it is important that students understand financial aid opportunities that are available. Although scholarships and grants are available for international students, they may only cover a tiny fraction of the students overall costs, therefore a supplemental loan may be a good option. International student loans differ because they are available to cover the student's entire study program costs.

Private Loans

Private lenders sometimes collaborate with specific colleges or universities in foreign countries to provide international students loans. Spend some time looking around for suitable international student loans from schools and colleges approved by the lender.

Two sites providing further information include The Student Loan Network and

Domestic Online Colleges for International Students

Attending online college through an American institution is a more financially responsible decision, as students don't have to worry about travel and living expenses. For more information about international students learning options, make sure to consult a college representative to see what programs may be available to you.

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