Cosmetology Student Loans

In the world of today that has become more and more focused on beauty and youth, the number of individuals entering into cosmetology continues to increase. Graduates of a cosmetology program are quailified for unique positions for cosmetologists, beauticians, makeup artists, colorists, and hairdressers. Once you have made the decision to enter into the beauty industry, you may mistakenly believe you are not eligible for any financial aid to help cover your cosmetology college costs, however, this is not the case. Though most cosmetology schools do not normally offer students loans, scholarships or grants, there are certainly many other alternative loans or sources available to help cover the cost of your degree.

Alternative Loans: Unless a student can prove their cosmetology education is a degree-centric program, traditional student loans such as private, state, or federal loans are usually unavailable.To obtain an alternative loan, it is not necessary for students to submit proof they are in a degree program, however, this loan will be based on your credit score.

Private Loans: One of the most prominent providers of student loans is Sallie Mae. For students in a non-degree program such as cosmetology, Sallie Mae has established many choices. The Career Training Loan and Continuing Education Loan set high limits and provide a large scope of repayment choices. These terms are like those of the more conventional student loans, which includes low interest rates and longer payback times.

Education One through Chase also offers students in cosmetology and other career or trade programs the flexibility of student loans on a half-time or full-time basis. Half time loans are suitable options, although students must enroll in half time programs but can receive student loans equal to the full cost of fees and tuition. The Chase Education One loan gives students to borrow money for former tuition costs and allows them to apply this money to relevant expenses.

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