Financial Assistance

Paying for college can be one of the most challenging aspects of continued education. The average cost of attending a university has risen nearly 27 percent in the last decade, and many potential students find that they are unable to afford their education on their own. Fortunately, there are a number of grants, scholarships, and loans available to those planning on attending college. Many require the student meet certain criteria such as ethnicity, religious affiliation, or academic performance.

Why is Financial Aid is Important?

In a recent study, College Board cited that the average cost of in-state public college for the 2011–2012 academic year was $21,447, and $42,224 for a private college. In addition, college students can expect to spend another $1,000 to $2,000 on textbooks, and even more on transportation, housing, and entertainment. That's a lot of dough to fork over. Fortunately, there are ways for college students to finance their education. Through monetary gifts based on need or merit, or scholarships, and loaned money (grants and loans), your college investment can be manageable. 

Why Pursue Financial Aid?

There are nine federal, 605 state student aid programs, and more than 7,000 post-secondary institutions who provide merit-based financial assistance. Financial aid is abundant, but it is up to you as a prospective college student to research what's available and find the scholarships, grants, and loans that fit your credentials.

Here at you will find a comprehensive listing of scholarships, grants, and student loans given according to which of those three categories it falls under. Whether you are a traditional college student, or are looking to obtain an online degree, the resources are aimed to inform all types of students. 

Minority College Grant

While minority college grants often go to students with the greatest financial need, students that distinguish themselves through their academic achievement often qualify for grants as well.

Weird College Grant

Although it may seem difficult knowing where to look, there are numerous bizarre, weird and wacky college grants available, giving some students the recognition they are looking for.

Stafford Loans

One of the most common federal student loans is the Federal Stafford Loan, which is a government guaranteed, low-interest loan, which can help students with their tuition and other college expenses

Direct Loans

One of the various Federal Student Aid (FSA) programs, direct Loans are low-interest and help students and parents pay for the cost of a university or college degree after high school.

Undergraduate College Grant

Students seeking a university or college education often worry about how to pay for their schooling, especially if they do not qualify for any more loans or scholarships.

College Grants by Location

Collage grants are also available locally or by state. For example, Wyoming has numerous grants available to help students with the cost of enrollment.

Subsidized Student Loans

Subsidized student loans are interest free, but it is important for students to understand the loan process and also meet the qualifications to apply for subsidized student loans.

Unsubsidized Student Loans

As students prepare to go to university or college, most do not have the finances available to pay their tuition, expenses and other costs.

Grant For Master's Degree Students

For students who want the opportunity to go to graduate school, the high cost of education can seem intimidating. Fortunately, there are numerous sources of grants, and scholarships available.

General Guidance and Advice on Student Loans

Very few students have the means to fund their entire college education. Even after receiving grants or scholarships, many still require additional funds to cover the remainder of their schooling expenses.

A scholarship is a grant-in-aid that does not have to be repaid. Scholarships can be issued based on merit or need, or are college or career-specific. There are multiple scholarship opportunities available, so be proactive and find the opportunities that suit you.

Nursing Scholarship

Most major specialty hospitals, research hospitals and managed care hospitals in the United States now offer internal scholarships for currently employed nurses

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Study Abroad Scholarship

One of the most amazing opportunities for students in any field of study is the ability to study in another country and study courses such as anthropology, music, theology and history.

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Christian Scholarship

Many different churches, foundations, organizations and agencies offer Christian-based scholarships for post secondary education including undergraduate and graduate level courses.

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Law School Scholarships

Most full-time students will not have the time to work while obtaining a law degree, so scholarships are an important part of contributing to tuition costs without adding onto student loans.

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Biology Scholarship

Biology encompasses a huge range of subject and specialty areas and the good news for students is that almost every different area offers some form of scholarship.

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Music Scholarship

Many of these music scholarships are designed to engage children, at a young age, in the enjoyment of music and musical styles rather than concentrating exclusively on those that are gifted.

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