Study Abroad College Grant

For many students, having the opportunity to study abroad is an extremely exciting alternative to attending university or college in the United States. Nevertheless, this can also be very expensive, which often makes this opportunity for studying abroad out of the question to a large majority of students. Study abroad college programs have been around since the close of World War II so there is nothing novel or new happening among universities and colleges. Fortunately that no longer has to be the case because there are a large selection of student grants available for those studying abroad to help cover the costs. The international scene has gotten more welcoming and receptive to students studying abroad. At one time, there were very few options available so students had almost no choice in location but nowadays the choices are numerous. Students can now teach or study in places such as the Netherlands, China, or Spain and many other locations. There are a large selection of student grants available for those studying abroad to help cover the costs. Students need to find out about the numerous grants available to help them fund their cultural and academic education while pursuing their study abroad. Two good government sites for grant information are and

Grants are available to both undergraduate and graduate level students. They base some study abroad grants on academic merit; students that excel in their field of study; for pursuing research projects; or the financial need of the student. Study abroad college grant awards based on students financial needs helps them enjoy the experience of studying abroad that they could not afford otherwise. The CIEE or Council on International Educational Exchange is administrator of approximately one hundred teach and study abroad programs across the globe. The John E. Bowman Travel Grant offered by the CIEE, helps students travel to non-traditional locations to study abroad such as Latin American, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. CIEE grants help defray travel costs.

Different organizations choose select groups of graduate and undergraduate students to take part in international meetings for education and key educational conferences. Numerous study abroad grants are available for travel. This allows students to take part in study abroad through attending conferences and seminars, conducting research, and more, all in international settings. They compete intellectually, represent their peers, and provide auxiliary support at key educational conferences for the select group of graduate and undergraduate students selected. In universities and colleges where study abroad students conducted studies and research, they ask many students to research publications and studies make presentations of projects, offering existing knowledge bases with current updates and the results of both innovative and new research. In the fields of mathematics, science, and health care areas, student's figure in a prominent way in research studies. Small grants between five hundred and one thousand dollars are typical grant sizes for educational conference costs.


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