Hispanic College Grant

The Hispanic population in the United States today is larger than that of African Americans but the number of Hispanics that go to university or college at any level continues to remain lower than other minorities. Statistics show that Hispanic students receive less grant and scholarship money and often students that do receive some support pursue a two-year college or technical degree instead of a four-year college or university education.

The good news is that over the last decade, the number of Hispanic students going to university and college directly from high school has increased by approximately 70 percent. Here is a list of some Hispanic-focused grants for college students:

  • The Hispanic College Fund and the Sallie Mae Corporation work together creating the Sallie Mae Fund First in My Family Scholarship Program. First in My Family Scholarship Program for Hispanic first-generation college students that come from deprived backgrounds.
  • The Hispanic Scholarship Fund in conjunction with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute keeps a modified database of current grants for Hispanic students. The funds address issues specifically related to an insufficiently or poorly educated group including grants for Hispanic students finishing two-year college degrees as a positive motivational influence to continue their education onto a four-year college program.
  • The state, federal government, private organizations, and large corporations support Hispanic and other minority students in obtaining a higher education. Corporations such as Xerox and AT&T offer financial support for educational purposes to the Hispanic community along with various other Hispanic serving universities and colleges that have developed financial programs for Hispanic students.
  • The Florida Department of Education has the Jose Marti Challenge Grant Fund for underprivileged Hispanic students pursuing a four-year undergraduate degree. The amount of Hispanic college grant awards given out annually is subject to funds set aside by the Florida Legislature and donations from private sources.
  • For Hispanic students looking for a healthcare degree, the Hispanic Nurses Association has scholarships and grants including the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program.
  • The March of Dimes Nursing Scholarship Program and the Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students Program.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Health Professionals offers large monetary support to organizations providing excellent, superior degree programs aimed at minorities such as Hispanics looking for health care professions. 

Also, Federal Pell Grants are considered a federal financial aid foundation that help low-income Hispanic students afford a college education. Find more grant programs with this helpful list of resources, and start your path to obtaining a degree today!


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