Grants for Master's Degree Students

For students who want the opportunity to go to graduate school, the high cost of education can seem intimidating. Fortunately, there are numerous sources of grants, and scholarships available. These can relieve your financial worries so you can concentrate on what's important - your education.

Government Grants

The federal student grants, scholarships, and loans are available today as they were years ago, plus several new ones. For government grant information, visit US Government information site on Grants. In addition to grant opportunities, there are several loans catered to specifically the graduate student. They include: 

  • Perkins Loan
  • Graduate Stafford Loan
  • Federal Graduate/Professional Plus Loan

Program-specific Grants

Universities, colleges, and organizations often award graduate school grants in for specific minority groups. Examples include:

Project Reach

The University of Phoenix provides a grant called Project REACH, aimed to recruit teachers and retaining teachers in disadvantaged, low-income areas. Awarded to the University of Phoenix by the U.S. Department of Education, this grant targets recent graduates, mid-career professionals, local community substitute teachers, and retired military veterans who have a bachelor's degrees.

Similar to bachelor's degree grants, master's-level grants are often based on academic merit and financial need. The best thing you can do as a student seeking to complete your master's degree is to research all grant opportunities that you may qualify for. Visit, as well as the resources below to get a better understanding of your financial aid opportunities as a graduate student.

School-Based Grants

As you search for your perfect school, ask your college representative if their college or university offers any grants or scholarships exclusively to its students. Most private and public higher learning institutions offer school-based financial aid, so there is definitely no harm in asking!

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