College Grant For The Disabled

Whether people were born with a disability or acquired a disability later in life, college can present challenges of an educational system ill-designed for disabled students. Luckily, colleges and universities are evolving and improving the educational experience for students with mental or physical disabilities. 

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that regulates public and state agencies render special education from birth to 21 years old. Universities and colleges across the United States must provide students with disabilities the same resources and tools required to attend school and classes as other students.

Financial aid,created through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, gives many disabled students the financial means to attend a college or university. Enacted in 1975, IDEA gives approximately forty million Americans more accessibility to higher education.

There are many grants and scholarships available for the disabled through organizations. Some examples include:

  • The National Association of the Deaf
  • The Jewish Guild for the Blind
  • The National Federation for the Blind
  • The Anne Ford Scholarship
  • The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation, Inc.

The Financial Aid Finder is a great resource to find your Taylor-made grant. Many private organizations, corporate sources, and the federal government agencies have set up grant programs for the disabled to help them with their schooling needs. There are also numerous grants for the disabled available through private and public universities and colleges.



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