Grant For Community College

Very few students in today's society can afford to pay for their community college or university education without getting grants, scholarships, loans or other financial aid. The average cost for four years of private college averages to more than $20,000 annually while tuition at a community college averages around $5,000 per academic year. Grants differ from loans, as students do not pay them back because they are a gift and primarily need based. Community college grants help financially needy students attend school and receive the education they desire. There are grants available by specific subjects, student demographic, degree level and more. The most common sources of community college grant funding comes from state and federal governments, local financial aid, private and public organizations and community colleges themselves. Often, speaking with a financial advisor at the local community will give students the necessary information necessary to help them find suitable grants.


Government Grants

The federal government offers students grants, scholarships, and loans to eligible college students. To apply for any federal government program, you must fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which determines if you can apply for a student grant. The Pell Grant is one of the most common grants available through the federal government. This loan program helps low-income students receive the funding needed to go to school.

There are a limited number of Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants awarded to students officially accepted into a course of study with special financial needs.

State Grant Information

Grants vary based on the state regulations, the college attended, the amount of credit hours enrolled, the program enrolled in, and the student's financial needs. Some grant amounts change depending upon the number of students that require and qualify for financial aid within a specific time and the total number of grants available for distribution during that same time.

When looking for community college financing, be sure to examine the many grants available to help students further their education regardless of their major. There are numerous grants available for students attending community college that can help pay their tuition or other expenses, relieving their financial burden. Check out these great resources to learn more about these community college grants:

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