Art College Grant

For many talented artists, life is art and making a living out of their passion is a must. Art today is not just painting but also includes theatre arts photography, sculpting, musical arts, dance, textile arts, and graphic design- all of which can transfer into rewarding career paths.

Numerous artists worry about the difficulty of attending art college because they believe it is very hard to obtain aid for tuition costs and cannot afford college without it. Fortunately, several sources do provide grants and scholarships to students in the arts such as corporations, government funding, and private sources. 

National Endowment of the Arts

One of the most popular well-known sources of funding for artists studying the arts and artistic projects is the National Endowment for the Arts by the federal government. This public agency is committed to supporting and endorsing excellence in both established and new arts, providing arts education leadership, and making the arts available to all Americans. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) provides support to numerous art-based organizations including the relatively non-mainstream to exceedingly popular shows that appear on National Public Radio or public television. There are many other arts-based organizations, even those specializing in arts education that can help financially support undergraduate and graduate students.

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Private Grants

Each year the Smithsonian extends a limited amount of grants, fellowships, and internships to eligible art students. Well-known individual artists that have the finances available to them often sponsor small scholarships and grants for art students if they believe the artist's portfolio shows potential and talent.

Universities and art colleges often have their own grants and financial gifts available to students enrolled in reputable arts programs. For example, the Yale Center for British Art provides grants to Doctoral-level students in the arts. The arts cover so much more than just sculpting, painting and drawing so students may find several subject-based grants they are qualified to pursue.

If you want to advance your studies through traveling abroad the College Art Association offers a travel grant to graduate students in art history and studio art. Those who are awarded the grant also have the opportunity to travel to the annual College Art Association's annual conference.

What to Expect

Grant providers often base arts grants on their work produced through their portfolio, show, or single piece of artwork. To obtain a grant as an art major, you may even have to present your arts and creative skills, prepare artists statements or essays, and explain to donors how you will use the funding.

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