#Winning in Online College

It is one thing to dominate residential college, but a whole different battle to master online college. It is not to say that this mode of education is impossible, but there are definitely tricks of the trade to master your bachelor’s degree online coursework. Check out these tips for online college and ways to implement #winning techniques:

succeeding in online college1) Don’t Resist Technology: Though this may seem obvious, it is important that every technology you are exposed to – whether it is webinars, online chats, podcasts, or screen shares – that you take the time to learn the new technologies. Not only will this help you advance in your studies, but it will also be a major advantage when you hit the working world.

2) Be Social: Similar to a traditional college classroom, creating relationships with your peers is a crucial step to success in college. Though you may never meet your classmates face-to-face, you will be working with or amongst them for a bulk of your day – everyday – thus you can lean on them for assistance with problems, or even tips for balancing your personal life with school.

3) Tune Up Your Technology: One of the worst things you can do as an online student is to not be set up with the proper wireless connection and computer hardware and software. Check out our article on computer requirements to get a baseline understanding of what you should be working with as an online student. If you are in financial need, consider using part of your school loan to finance your technology purchases.

4) Be Proactive: More often than not, if you email your online instructor, they will promptly respond to you. BUT – if it is the case that you are not able to get a hold of the instructor, don’t wait for their response – serve as your own detective by looking up the answer or asking your peers. Are you catching a theme here? Thriftiness and independence. P.S., these are two amazing skills employers are in dire need of in their workforce.

5) Gain Support: Studies point to the fact that if you are surrounded by a supportive network of friends and family that encourages your academic and personal growth, then you are more likely to succeed in online college. Your years as an online student will likely be very busy and sometimes even stressful – so having that support network around you can really push you the extra mile during times when you may be down and out.

6) Avoid Stereotyping Yourself: Stop the unproductive inner-banter like, “ I am too old to go back to college,” or “ I am dumb.” If you believe in yourself and stop self-stereotyping, then you can go along way. Keep this quote as a mantra: “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

7) #Winning Online: Last, and arguably most important, is as the University of Oklahoma quoted, “Feel that high-quality learning can take place without going to a traditional classroom.” Online learning is gaining street cred as employers and individuals are learning that the quality of education is not diminished through online learning. In fact, as an online college student, you are positioning yourself to learn self-motivation, better writing skills, time management expertise, and a stable and fruitful career.


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