International Student Visa : Your Answers Here

Studying in the United States is dream of thousands of international students, but this is only possible with an international student visa. Whether you are pursuing a blended traditional and online school, or just a on-campus school, you should be well aware of the steps needed to use you will get there. Below are some questions which are frequently asked by Visa authorities to students who want to study in the USA:

Question: “Why do you wish to study in USA and not in your home country?”
Answer: “I am looking at global career opportunities for which I would need an internationally
recognized degree. A college degree from the United States would give me international exposure and an opportunity to explore a different culture.”

Question: “What if you obtain a degree in America, would you like to go to US again for higher studies?”
Answer: “Yes, for the reasons mentioned above, I would rather pursue  full-time programs in America than anywhere else.”

Question: “Why did you select US for higher studies? Aren’t similar programs offered by any university or college in your country?”
Answer: “This course is being offered in my country as well, but there is surely a difference in the standards of education and infrastructure there. Also, as mentioned above, I would want to study in a class with a diverse population and learn a new culture. Cultural awareness surely helps differentiate people within a workforce.”

College/ University Details

Question: “Which university/college are you planning to attend?”
Answer: Name of the university, or list of preferred universities/colleges.

Question: “Why have you chosen this specific university?”
Answer: List down the key features and highlights of the university.

Question: “What degree are you pursuing? Why are you interested in this track?”
Answer: Brief your interviewer on the degree you have selected and the reasons for why you wish to pursue this program. Tell them how it will benefit your career and growth plan.

Question: “What are you plans after completing your studies?”
Answer: Think about it thoroughly, whether you want to take up a job in US or want to come
back to your native country. If you wish to work there, have you researched your career prospects well?

Stay Details

Question: “Where will you stay in US while you are pursuing your degree?”
Answer: Share with interviewers whether you are staying with a family member, friend, or will be staying in a hostel or rental property.

Financial Aid Details

Question: “Do you have any financial aid secured?”
Answer: Usually there are questions regarding your finances and sources of finances. Such
questions confirm the solidarity of your sponsors. They might even ask for
passbook or bank statements.

Question: “Who is sponsoring you and why?”
Sub-question: How many people are dependents of your sponsor?
Sub-question: How much money is available for your stay in US?
Sub-question: How will you finance your education funds for two to four years?
Answer: Be as frank as you can when answering these questions. The more they know about your financial situation, the better.

Visa Acceptance or Rejection

Question: “Why should we grant you a U.S. Visa?”
Answer: “I think I am a lifelong learner. I have studied hard throughout my life as
well as my standardized tests. I have shown you my financial stability too. I would utilize this opportunity as best as possible. Thus, I think my Visa application should be granted.”

Question: “What will you do if your US Visa is rejected?”
Answer: “In case my Visa is rejected I will go through all my credentials and documents once again for anything has been missing. After making the necessary changes I will reapply.”

About the Author: Bhavna is a Sr. Content Developer with Learnhub – an online community that helps international students to prepare for higher studies. It also provides absolutely free counseling to students who wish to study abroad.

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