Five Books For Improving Your Life

Through life’s journey, many people feel unfulfilled or just plain unhappy in their lives. These feelings may be a result of poor relationships, lack of attaining personal or professional goals, or job dissatisfaction. Here’s a list of the five best books for improving your life. These books can help both students seeking online education or professionals better define goals, take the right steps for attaining desired goals, and develop ways to improve relationships.

101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life

This book features an all-star team of 101 great psychologists, world-class coaches and top speakers with bite-sized articles for an easy read. These cutting-edge authorities introduce basic self-help methods and advanced methods for breaking through barriers that hold you back. Each article is a wealth of professional information that is enlightening and informative. Each article also provides outlined steps for the topic. There are over 100 topics in the book, including adversity, inner serenity, belief systems, personal growth, emotional release, enjoyment, friendship and much more.

Life Makeovers

With an emphasis on self care, this book help you connect with what matters most to you and reevaluating your life. Organized into 52 chapters, each chapter has a specific theme for each week of the year. For example, the theme exploring internal standards and rules helps one identify a belief system that needs changing or improvement and features a take action challenge to make the necessary improvements. The famed personal coach, Cheryl Richardson, shares her wisdom and inspiration for improving life one day at a time.

25 Days To Better Thinking And Better Living

With the philosophy of you are what you think, this powerful book helps you take control of your thinking and discover how to gain insight into your thinking patterns and make smarter choices in every area of life. By overcoming poor thinking habits, such as self-delusion or out-of-control emotions, the book has you examine thinking patterns that you’re probably not even aware of. Through awareness, this self-guided book helps one to clarify what they really want and then take the steps needed for a more positive outcome. It is truly a book of self-discovery.

Become A Better You

The renowned evangelist, Joel Osteen, illustrates the seven key principles to enrich and improve your life. Key principles include, developing better relationships, developing your inner self and embracing where you are. With insight, the author explains how each principle impacts your goals. This inspiring book offers 90 days of thought-provoking messages and valuable scripture that emphasize his message. Even for those not religious, the specially selected bible passages are enlightening and filled with wisdom. The author even draws on personal anecdotes on how he has implemented bible passages into his everyday life.

Life Is Not Ideal: Deal With It

While we all have concepts of the ideal life, sometimes life happens in a way that does not cooperate with those ideals. Unexpected illnesses and job losses are occurrences of the haphazard nature of life. This book outlines ways to find happiness when unforeseen events have turned your life upside down. By sharing some of her frustrations and experiences, the author shares techniques she implemented to make lemonade out of lemons. Even in adversity and less than ideal circumstances, the author offers practical advice on how to improve everyday life.

No matter what your station or circumstance in life, each one of these books writing that includes golden nugget for improving your life.

About the Author: This article was written by Jane, a psychic from England and tarot reading expert.