Student Spotlight: Online Master’s Student Katy Katz

We had the chance to interview Katy Katz, online master’s degree student at Benedictine University. Katy Katz completed her undergraduate degree in Business at the University of Minnesota, and decided to go back to school to advance her knowledge in a specific area of business. Read more on her path as an online student here:

What school are you attending? Whats your major? What is your estimated graduation date?

I am attending Benedictine University, for a Master of Business Administration in Marketing. I anticipate graduating June of 2013.

What made you want to go back to pursue your master’s degree?

I decided to pursue a master’s degree to help further my career. My undergraduate degree was in Entrepreneurial Management which did not end up being specific enough for the field that I am in. I want to have a master’s-level degree to enhance my knowledge in business in a specific field.

What has been the biggest challenge about taking online classes?

The biggest challenge is networking with my classmates and instructors. I completed my undergraduate degree in a traditional format (from the University of Minnesota) and spent a lot more time developing relationships that I have carried with me through to my professional career. You have to work harder for those relationships in an online format.

What has been the best thing about pursing your masters online?

Hands down the best part about the online format is the convenience. I have a seven-month-old baby and a full-time job so I needed a solution that was flexible. I love that I can complete my coursework in what often ends up being a different configuration week to week depending upon what comes up in my life.

State one thing you never knew about online degrees before that you learned upon pursuing your masters?

I did not realize how much structure there would be to discussion boards.

Why did you choose Benedictine over other programs?

I chose Benedictine because I had access to a scholarship to their program. I currently work at Rasmussen College, and they offer a scholarship program at that particular university.

What is the number one trait an online degree student needs to have?

Self motivation. You are unable to sit in a classroom and have an instructor directly teach the material to you so you have to have the motivation to learn the material on your own.

On a scale from 1-10 how different is online learning from a traditional four year experience? (10 being very different)


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