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A resume is often times the contact you will have with an employer. With unemployment rates looming around 8 percent, there is no room for anything but flawless and compelling resumes that reflect your best traits. A resume tells employers what you’re all about, where you’ve been, and what you’re capable of bringing to the table. It is your personal marketing brochure to gain the employer’s attention and provide the information they need to bring you to the next step in the hiring process… an interview.

Resume writing can be tricky, but fortunately there are multiple online resume tools available to help you write, improve, optimize, and promote your resume. Whether you are a recent college grad, or have been riding the unemployment train for too long, you’ll definitely want to take a look at some of these website:

Crafting Your Resume

HowToWriteAResume aims to make your resume strong and convincing through proprietary resume building software. The resume uploader allows users to benefit from a phrase builder technology to find the right keywords to showcase their job achievements and qualifications. The instant resume formatting feature automatically formats your resume information into your choice of seven professional resume templates. Throw in extensive step-by-step tips to help you every step of the way and you’ve got the perfect tool for creating a great resume that could lead you to an interview for your dream job. Users pay a one-time fee of $10.99, but it’s worth the cost.

Is writers block getting the best of you as you attempt to craft your resume? On CareerBuilder, you can pair up with a resume expert who will write your resume from scratch. These CareerBuilder experts create a resume that’s directly tailored to your skill sets and strengths for around $200. You’ll receive a first draft of the resume within four days. CareerBuilder also offers a free service for those who already have a draft of their resume started. Users can upload your resume to the site and an expert will evaluate your resume.

Monster offers not only great resume templates, but also resume writing services. Comparible in price to CareerBuilder, this tool allows you to work with an expert to craft the perfect resume that will help you stand out from the rest.

This site allows you to create your resume in sections, and choose a design from many different templates. The resumes are suited for more conventional formats. The exclusive feature of this site is that you can publicize one URL for your resume from where employers can download your resume in various formats such as DOC, PDF, RTF, etc.

Improve Your Resume

Before your resume gets to a hiring manager’s desk, it often goes through “screening” software that evaluates your compatibility with the job requisition through keywords. Sounds scientific, right? Luckily there are tools out there to help you optimize your resume. RezScore is a free online tool that literally assigns a letter grade to your resume. Simply upload your resume and receive instant feedback on your keyword density.. Just like any search engine’s inner-workings, Rez score uses an agorithm to evaluate words within your resume. RezScore’s based on an algorithm developed after asking hiring managers, resume writers, and recruiters. After uploading, you have the option of paying for a full report, otherwise a free, basic report is available.

Two heads together are always better than one, right? Well what about a community of insight. Razume combes a resume builder with community-driven critiques from the community. Upload or build your resume through the Razume platform, input the required information, and then submit your resume to the Razume community for critique. Even browsing through users’ many resumes is fun. Many are test cases on what you should and should not do with your resume.

Jazz Up Your Resume is an online service that allows users to create compelling visuals, or infographics, to supplement their resume. Using LinkedIn, this app allows you to pull in compelling data to produce a stylish web-based infographic. The layout allows you to showcase your name, title, biography, social links, and career timeline — and even skill evolution, proficiencies, and professional interests.

Based on a user’s imported LinkedIn information, Kinzaa creates a data-driven infographic resume that focuses on a user’s skills, job responsibilities, and work history. Though we may not belive that resumes with 500 words are dead, this tool surely can add that extra pizazz that so many resumes need. This tool is especially relevant to art and design degree grads.

Promote Your Resume

WP Resume
Reverse the role of hiring managers and job seekers, and let the employers come to you by posting your resume on a WordPress-powered website. Download this free plugin and learn best practices in resume layout and design, and drag and drop resume elements. Plus you can use WordPress as a host for pasting your “plain text” or HTML resume into job applications.

Visual CV
Visual CV allows you to create multiple online resumes easily, with a variety of different templates. You can directly import your LinkedIn profile to jump-start resume creation, and easily incorporate multimedia elements in your portfolio. Read more about Visual CV in our previous coverage here.

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