Online College Videos: YouTube Roundup

Sometimes you just have to get a visual or first-hand account of something to get a flavor of what it’s all about. This is no different in online college. There are many unknowns or open questions you may have, but once you get a first-hand look – through video, face-to-face communication, etc. – those hesitations often drift away.

We’ve compiled our favorite online college videos from YouTube to inform, inspire, and educate students about eLearning and online degrees. Check out our top online college videos here:

How Online Classes Work

Each online college has an online student portal. This is where all the magic of learning happens for online students. Many prospective college students have never had previous access to online student portals, making it difficult to understand what pursuing online courses would be like. Sarah, a student services advisor from Champlain College, walks through the online student portal at her College. This three-minute video provides an overview on how to navigate your online courses, lessons, course announcements, discussion forums, assignments, and reports. Champlain uses the “Angel” platform, which is widely used across many colleges and universities, making this video relevant across the spectrum.

Watch the video here.

Tips for Success

Brooks Doherty, Dean of Students at Rasmussen College shares five tips for succeeding in college. These versatile tips apply to both residential and online college students. Brooks suggests that you should “go to class” – or make sure to log onto online couses at least five times a week, among essential tips for college success.

Watch the video here.

Online College Student Perspective

College student Kaycee, shares eight important pointers about online college. She has been taking online courses for the past two semesters. Some suggestions she makes include: making sure you have a newer laptop or computer, understanding that online college is not easier than traditional college, and being technically proficient. Though we don’t agree with all her points, she offers a candid perspective on online college.

Watch the video here.

Music Video on Online College – A Comical Parody

This comical parody of online college has some elements of truth – (yes, you can take online college in your pajamas), yet is extreme (downplays the challenge of the coursework). But, nonetheless, get a good laugh and check out this music video featuring online college…

Watch the video here.

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