How to Increase Productivity: Life Hacks to Stop Slacking Off

College is supposed to be the most important and fun time in your life. There are many people to meet, things to do, and knowledge to gain. The college experience can quickly take a turn for the worse if you find yourself constantly distracted by things other than your online school or college work. Your grades go downhill from there and your college experience quickly becomes a flunk-out city. Luckily, there are some pretty simple things you can do to keep yourself on track. 

Try these “techy” life hacks and learn how to increase productivity so that the next time you find yourself procrastinating on your work, you have no excuse:


We all know that flash games can be super addicting. More important of all, once you start playing, you know that a few hours of your life will disappear quickly. And, time when you would have been spending studing for your online degree has gone down the drain. In order to avoid this, try using flashblock. Flashblock is a Firefox application that stops all flash content from loading. It makes you click a download link in order to start the download. This means that it will give you a little extra time to come to your senses and do school work first.


Sometimes you just need to be hit with the cold hard facts in order to bring you to your senses. Another application of Firefox, TimeTracker tells you how much time you’ve been online and stops counting when you go offline. “But I use certain websites when I do my school work”, you say? TimeTracker allows you to exclude those websites from the time tracking. No excuses. Just as you would time your work as a contractor, this tool can shed insight into where your time is actually spent, and how you can change it.

Dark Room

Distracted by the very programs that you’re supposed to be doing your work on? Word processors have a wide variety of things you can tweak, color, and an innumerable number of fonts you can check out. Dark Room provides you will a full screen environment that is distraction free. It is just you, your keyboard, your thoughts and the words that you will write. This can turn out to be very useful.


If you need a more hands-on, old school method of keeping yourself on track, this website provides you with a timer that buzzes you back into doing or taking a break from your school work. Let’s say you want to work on a paper for an hour. You would simply set the timer and do nothing but work on your paper for that hour, and when you hear the buzz, take a break! Make sure you time your break too!

Silent Mode

You know you have this at your disposal, and now it’s time to use it. Perhaps the most distracting thing that can put you off track is the constant ringing and dinging of notifications from Facebook, Twitter, and your Smartphone. If you know you need to do some school work, turn these notifications off! It is an obvious thing to do, just do it! You will see that when you are trying to read or study, the silence of these notifications will truly be golden.

With a little motivation, control and these techy life hacks, you have learned how to increase productivity, and surely be on your way to more efficient study time – and a more productive life!

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