Jobs That Could Kill You

With unemployment in the United States holding above eight percent for the past few years, many people would go to extremes for a good job. Check out this infographic, which shares in detail the most dangerous jobs in America – even jobs that could kill you…

You’ll particularly want to look at the sections that break down these risky jobs by compensation. You might be willing to risk your safety or life for a job – but only for a price. Here, you’ll learn which career pay enough that you might think it worth your while to take that specific dangerous job. You will also notice within the infographic that there is a section detailing what jobs are the safest. You will see that most indoor jobs like a sales representative (available through a Marketing & Sales degree) or server lead to the least amount of deaths.

For anyone working a job, this infographic will also show you all stats on dangerous jobs and how your career could be putting us all at risk, regardless of the type of job you have. You don’t need to work on an oil rigger for your job to kill you. Read below….

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