Resume Tips: Get Resume Noticed in Under One Minute

This time of year is the time when new college online graduates are in the job hunt, and given economic changes, it’s likely that seasoned professionals may be looking for a job too. The foundation of any successful job search is the resume; creating one that gets you into that all important meeting is an art form that ironically enough people make a career of themselves. The recruitment process can be overwhelming for the person in charge and as such the selection process has become unforgiving; on average an HR manager will take 15 seconds to decide whether or not a resume will go through to the next step of the career or job search. As such it’s important to cover as many bases as you can to enhance your chances. Here are some key resume tips to get your resume noticed in under one minute.

Avoid Clichéd Buzzwords

Your first consideration is how your eloquent you choose to word your resume. After reading hundreds of resumes, an HR manager tends to operate like job search engines and spots common clichés within multiple resumes. You may think that your wording is articulate but if you use the same words everyone else does, there’s no chance of standing out. Travel the road less travelled; there are many job search sites online that can help you choose the wording that suits your needs.

Here are some buzzwords to avoid, according to U.S. News and World Report:

•    Creative
•    Organizational
•    Effective
•    Extensive experience
•    Track record
•    Motivated
•    Innovative
•    Problem solving
•    Communication skills
•    Dynamic

Have a Broad Yet Direct Resume

If your resume falls into a very narrow category and you only have one iteration of it, then you’re sorely limiting your potential to be spotted. Keeping your resume flexible greatly enhances your chances in many potential positions. It’s also important not to send a default resume to many places, rather customise it to specific opportunities in your online job search; you’ll be surprised how easily recruiters can spot resumes tailored to them and those which haven’t had any effort put in.

Be Precise, Concise, and Accurate

Hourly, job searches reap no results as the effort put into the resume failed to deliver in a neat and concise way. Writing concise content into your resume ensures you don’t give the recruiter the feeling he is wasting his time; time is precious when you’ve got dozens of resumes to get through before lunch. By putting in just the right balance of information and readability, your resume will catch the eye of the recruiter in a very subtle, yet measurable way.

State Your Career Goals

Should a recruiter decide to take a look at an overview of your resume to make a quick fire decision, you should have a prepared goal statement or summary ready. Again, keep it concise and try not to sound eloquent at the risk of actually sound convoluted. Instead keep it simple, clear and direct. A job search is hard enough without losing out in your resume because it was twelve pages long. With the foundation of the four cardinal resume rules, your job search should have more potential than it already has but whatever you do, don’t give up ever; you’ll find that perfect job soon enough.

You do not have to be an Human Resources degree graduate to get the jist of these tools. Use them and prosper in your job search.

About the Author: Eugene Calvini is a writer and human resources consultant; be it the ability to rent office space or find a job in serviced offices, he has unique insight and perspective into the important career issues of day to day life.

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