Importance of College : An Infographic

Amidst lower than average post-graduate employment, increased government scrutiny, and an overall weak economy, the importance of college has been a largely debated in America. Individuals, political figures, and journalists weigh in about the country’s educational system from high school preparedness, student debt, and even question the value of a college degree. Naysayers of higher education may have their theories, but there are solid facts issued by the U.S. Census Bureau, College Board, and National Center for Education Statistics that point to higher education leading to a higher life. From overall salary potential to poverty rates, here is an infographic depicting the importance of college:

How Investing in Education Pays Dividens 

Median earning potential by degree level – 2010

Doctorate: $87,500

Master’s degree: $60,240

Bachelor’s degree: $63,430

Associate’s degree: $61,590

High school diploma: $34,180

No degree: $20,070

A Growing Demand for a Highly Educated Workforce

By the end of 2012, the bulk of jobs in America will require formal education – especially in industries that are growing the quickest.

Don’t Get Left Behind: Percentage of Americans With…

High School diploma: 87%

Some college: 57%

Associate’s degree: 40%

Bachelor’s degree: 30%

Master’s degree: 11%

Doctorate: 3%

Fighting Poverty with Education

Poverty rates by education level – Less than a high school diploma 23 percent, versus 3 percent with a graduate degree.

On average, your earnings increase 7 percent with just one year of higher education.

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