Interview With Online College Student, Lisa Freeland

We had the opportunity to interview online college student at Brenau University, Lisa Freeland. Lisa is a full-time Cargill employee, mother, and student who is returning to school to pursue a business degree. Lisa sets a great example of how to balance “it all.” Learn from here now…

What’s your expected graduation, and in what program will you be graduating from?

Bachelor’s degree in Business Management; Spring 2013

What has been the hardest thing about obtaining your degree through distance learning?

Teaching myself without a classroom environment with hands on examples, problem solving without classmates knowledge, and time management, connecting with classmates virtually for group projects.

Why did you decide to go back and obtain your degree?

To better my future in my career and provide for my family. Better myself also makes me feel more accomplished and gives me self-worth.

How do you balance work, motherhood, and school? What tips could you provide other students?

Put on my cape and hang on!! It’s all about balance and time management. I rely heavily on my weekends to do majority of my homework. I look at the agenda in the week and set deadlines for myself as to what needs to be done on specific days so I do not get behind. When I have timed exams, I try to arrange a baby sitter to watch my baby – I, of course, have to tend to him and lose out on valuable time for my exam. My best advice is to get into some kind of routine and find balance.

What is one surprise you experienced about online courses?

The communication from many professors can be lacking a great bit and often not done in a timely manner, sometimes causing an impact on assignments.

What are your plans after graduation?

Continue on with my online master’s degree…why stop now!?

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your thoughts. As you can see college, especially as a non-traditional student, requires dedication, extreme planning, and hard work – but it CAN be done. Learn more about online degrees.

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