What Does College Mean to You?: Answer and Win a $1,000 Scholarship

College students listen up! We know that college can get costly, so we want to help you achieve your educational and career goals. Which is why we at CollegeOnline.org are offering a $1,000 scholarship.

Submit your interpretation of the meaning of college and education through an infographic, essay, poem, video, or illustration; basically any creative way to showcase your skills and answers the question, “ What does college mean to you?” Continue reading

Student Spotlight: Online Master’s Student Katy Katz

We had the chance to interview Katy Katz, online master’s degree student at Benedictine University. Katy Katz completed her undergraduate degree in Business at the University of Minnesota, and decided to go back to school to advance her knowledge in a specific area of business. Read more on her path as an online student here… Continue reading

Back-to-School Checklist: What to Pack for College

College students across the country are marking the start of another school year. Now is the time for millions of college students around the nation to confirm class chedules, mentally prepare to get back in the grind, and most importantly study! But, back-to-school preparations look a little different for the more than 6 million students taking online degrees. Look at the infographic below as we compare a traditional vs. online students’ checklist of what to pack for college. Continue reading