History of Modems

Technology is the driving force behind our personal and professional lives. This infographic details the progression of modern computer modems from 1943 to today. Whether you are interested in pursuing a computer engineering degree or IT degree, or are just a computer gear head — in two minutes you’ll discover the deep and interesting history of the modem…

Via Broadband Choices


1943 – Birth of the Modem

1948 – Early Teletype Modems

1958 – The AT&T Digital Subset

1962 – The Bell 103 Data Phone

1977 – The Hayes 80-130A

1981 – Hayes Smartmodem

1980s – Increasing Speeds

1990s – Lowered Prices

1998 – 58K Modem

2000s – ISDN, ADSL, and Cable

2002 – Birth of 3G

2000s – Wireless networks

2009 – 4G  Introduced

2011 – 4G Improves

Future – High Speed Modems and Beyond