From Combat to College: Resources for Veterans

More than 21 million people in America are veterans of the U.S. armed forces, and after serving many veterans find themselves looking to attend college. Veterans have a unique set of needs that must be met before, during, and after duty. Whether returning to school or supporting a family, each veteran has the right to seek out resources to aid them for the rest of his/her life. Asking for help may not be easy, but not knowing where to find help can be even more difficult. Look into these military college resources.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs
This government agency is the US government’s second largest department with an average budget of over $85 billion. The Department of Veterans Affairs helps active and past military members find medical care, employment, home loans and other forms of financial assistance.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs also offers the following programs:

The GI Bill
The Department of Veterans Affairs also offers the GI Bill, which includes educational benefits for all members of the armed forces. From resources for finding a school to applying for military scholarships, and receiving financial benefits, the GI Bill is a well-known resource for members of the military wanting to attend college.

Survivors and Dependents Assistance (DEA)
The Survivors and Dependents Assistance program offers financial assistance to the children and/or spouse of a military member who has died or has been disabled from combat. These benefits also extend to sons or daughters who wish to attend college.

Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE)
The Center for Veterans Enterprise specializes in assistance and providing resources for those who has served in the military who want to start their own business.

ThanksUSA is a charity that provides scholarships for military members and their families interested in attending traditional, vocational, and technical schools. Through two different programs, the National Treasure Hunt and the Military Family Scholarship Program, ThanksUSA is able to assist military members as well as their families. Many specific colleges, like Kaplan University, also offer undergraduate scholarships through the ThanksUSA program.

Hire Heroes USA
Veterans may have difficulty assimilating into civilian life, and that includes finding employment. Hire Heroes USA strives to create valuable employment opportunities through training and corporate networking and engagement for veterans. The Hire Heroes USA website also connects veterans looking for employment with employers looking to hire.

Student Veterans of America
The Student Veterans of America mission includes providing resources and support to students who have served in the military. This program offers scholarships, internship support, and conferences/networking opportunities for veterans interested in higher education. The Student Veterans of America is a coalition of veterans integrated in chapters throughout specific campuses across the country.

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