Five Degrees That Embody Independence Day

Independence Day is a federal American holiday that honors the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and the country’s separation from British rule. Today, the holiday’s history is sometimes clouded by fun, games, fireworks, parades, and cook outs – but we must not forget that this day commemorates freedom, justice, patriotism, and democracy. Every American values these core principles that founded our country, but for those who want to live it every day, here are the top five degrees that embody Independence Day:

1) Military Studies

A Military Studies degree students for a future as commanders and operational planners in the U.S. armed forces, while unveiling the vast history of past wars. Students pursuing this degree take courses in: military campaigns, military operations, philosophy, warfare, military history, military theory, and military strategy. These highly specialized courses aim to train students to enter leadership roles within a military or the U.S. Government.

2) Criminal Justice

A Criminal Justice degree educates students about the American criminal justice system and learning how the police, courts and corrections departments operate and work together. The scope of criminal justice is broad, and can range from things like police officers, homeland security, prison corrections officers, judges, lawyers, and criminal investigators. The main goal of those seeking Criminal Justice degrees is to ensure that citizens are obeying laws, and that those who do not are brought to swift and fair justice.

3) Homeland Security

Since the tragic attacks on New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, and the subsequent establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, academic and career opportunities in homeland security have dramatically increased. Homeland security is an interdisciplinary field that involves aspects of foreign policy, law, and social science. Homeland security will remain an important issue as the world becomes increasingly global with the advent of modern technology. While the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies are one of the largest employers of homeland security professionals, the need for qualified professionals is expanding at the state and local levels. Graduates of Homeland Security degrees will work to protect the safety of American citizens day in and day out through careers in security and homeland security intelligence.

4) Political Science

A Political Science degree uncovers the history of American politics and its effect on society. Political science to include foreign policy, civics, public administration, and political theory and philosophy, and with a diploma in this area, graduates can protect the integrity of the nation through careers as lawyers and politicians.

5) Public Policy

Changing laws and policies is a commonplace in the American legal system, and with a degree in Public Policy, students are able to be main contributors to the formation and amendment of public policy. Having knowledge of the public policy and how to research it when it changes is very important in the world of business. Public policy affects everyone from children to senior citizens, from the poor to the rich. A background course in public policy can be very helpful as a business major, since the government plays an important role in many business operations in the United States.

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