Education Map: Find Your College Major

“What should I do with my life?” Whether you are a recent high school graduate or in between various jobs, this may be a question you ask yourself. We’ll we are here to make your journey to discovering your potential a little easier. From health and medicine degrees, to hospitality degree specializations, follow this education map to your golden ticket – a college education! Start at the top – and end with an answer to find your college major…


Medicine degrees and careers: You’re dedicated to helping people and making a difference, which makes the field of medicine a perfect fit. You’ll typically be working as part of a team, working together to help people get well. Earn a bachelor’s degree and become a registered nurse, or earn a Master’s in Health Care Administration and work behind the scenes. The field of medicine is hiring NOW!

Criminal Law degrees and careers: You understand tough decision-making, and know how to work all angles. In the field of criminal law you could become a lawyer, paralegal, or even a judge. Combine legal knowledge with gut instinct to make decisions that matter. Earn an Associate’s in Criminal Justice to get started, or try a certificate in the field to start working now!

Education degrees and careers: You want to make a difference, both independently and as a team. As an educator you can choose between childhood, high school, college, and even adult education. Being part of the educational system gives you a chance to make moves that matter. Whether you obtain a Bachelor’s in Childhood Education, or go on to earn a Master’s in Administration you can’t get wrong in the educational field.

Environmental Science degrees and careers: Your love for the environment and passion for the outdoors is a great match for the field of environmental science. Become an advocate for the earth as a forester, engineer, or a land surveyor. There is no shortage of ways to help the environment! Try a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Environmental Policy to learn the ins and outs of current environmental legislation and policy.

Hospitality degrees and careers: “How may I help you?” If this is your motto, then the hospitality industry is right for you! Whether you work in the tourism industry, for a five-star restaurant, or own your own hotel or spa, the hospitality industry serves to serve! An Online Tourism and Hospitality Degree can get you started towards an exciting career in the hospitality industry!

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