Does Your Career Hit The Mark?

Choosing a career can be tough. Compare your career and college degree to other popular fields in America and discover how yours adds up. In doing so, you’ll have a better idea of how career sectors match up.

Whether you are seeking an IT degree, or pursing an education degree, you’ll find a great roadmap to average earnings  and the number of people within a respective profession.

Does your Career Hit the Mark?

Labor Relations Specialist
41,880 in 2010

Computer Systems Analyst
495,800 in 2010

Elementary School Teacher
1,485,600 in 2010

Registered Nurse
2,655,020 in 2010

561,350 in 2010

293,740 in 2010

Correctional Officer
457,550 in 2010

2,244,480 in 2010

Agriculture Manager
3,680 in 2010

148,240 in 2010

Top 3 Best Jobs
1. Mathematician: $94,000
2. Software Engineer: $87,000
3. Actuary: $87,000

Popular Bachelor’s Degrees
Social Sciences

Highest Paying Jobs
Operations Manager
Petroleum Engineer

Did you know?

  • Personal service providers take the most sick days? (81,000 sick workers in 2011)
  • Bio-technology is the happiest job field in America. Making up only 2% of the work force.
  • More people rate “feeling a sense of accomplishment” higher than “income and financial success” when it come to achieving the American Dream.