Hunger Games Inspired Survival Tips for College Students

Though we are not in the post-apocalyptic era and fighting for our lives as a Tribute – there are still lessons to be learned through the perils of the “Hunger Games.” As a college student, consider yourself a learning gladiator – with the end goal of making it successfully through. Here are some killer (pun intended) takeaways from the Hunger Games that you should put to use in college: Continue reading

Five Books For Improving Your Life

Through life’s journey, many people feel unfulfilled or just plain unhappy in their lives. These feelings may be a result of poor relationships, lack of attaining personal or professional goals, or job dissatisfaction. Here’s a list of the five best books that can help people – whether you are a seeking an online education, or tenured professional expand your outlook, better define goals, take the right steps for attaining desired goals and develop ways to improve relationships. Continue reading

Top 10 TED Talks That Inspire

There seems to be something about TED Conferences and TED Talks which lends itself to the inspiring and aspirational. This is especially true for students in colleges and universities around the country who sometimes need a little glimpse of the future, and a little knowledge that they’re doing the right thing and adequately preparing themselves life “out there” in the real world, where a difference can be made and a revolution in thought can be achieved. Continue reading

Lifelong Learning : How To Be A Lifelong Learner

Learning is essential to personal growth, development, and to avoid boredom. When we learn we ignite our sense of passion as well as our sense of self. Many people turn off their desire to learn once they obtain a college degree, but doing so can lead to a life that’s stale. Rather than accepting the status quo, and deciding that learning only happens in a classroom, discover these ten tips for lifelong learning: Continue reading