Online College Videos: YouTube Roundup

Sometimes you just have to get a visual or first-hand account of something to get a flavor of what it’s all about. This is no different in online college. There are many unknowns or open questions you may have, but once you get a first-hand look for what online college is all about then those may hesitations drift away.

We’ve compiled our favorite online college videos from YouTube to inform, inspire, and educate students about eLearning and online degrees. Check out our top online college videos here: Continue reading

How to Study in College

Studying for an college or online education exam doesn’t have to be a stressful, all-night event in which large amounts of junk food and caffeine are involved. By taking the time to schedule a little session each day and using some tricks learned from other college students, it is possible to reduce the amount of time studying the night before the big exam. Continue reading

Hunger Games Inspired Survival Tips for College Students

Though we are not in the post-apocalyptic era and fighting for our lives as a Tribute – there are still lessons to be learned through the perils of the “Hunger Games.” As a college student, consider yourself a learning gladiator – with the end goal of making it successfully through. Here are some killer (pun intended) takeaways from the Hunger Games that you should put to use in college: Continue reading

#Winning in Online College

It is one thing to dominate residential college, but a whole different battle to master online college. It is not to say that this mode of education is impossible, but there are definitely tricks of the trade to master online coursework. Check out a few suggestions for #winning in online college here… (And don’t worry, they are not from Charlie Sheen.) Continue reading