How Do Online Crime Scene Investigation Degrees Work?

Are you a natural-born problem solver with an eye for detail? If so, consider becoming a crime scene investigator, a career that is available through an online Crime Scene Investigation degree. Before enrolling in a Crime Scene Investigation degree program, you should be aware of that popular television shows and Hollywood movies typically paint a romantic picture of conducting investigations. Continue reading

Working with Millennials in College Projects and Beyond

What does this mean for the modern-day classroom? Students cross-generationally work together to learn – all with the common goal of obtaining a college degree. One large group currently enrolled in college are millennials – or individuals born in 1982 to mid-90s. Generall speaking, millenials are accustomed to working in groups, are eager to become friends with their coworkers, and have no problem with diversity in the workplace. Continue reading

Civil Engineer Job Description: Is This Field For You?

Civil engineers are responsible for making our living space and urban environment function as an effective and sustainable unit. They design and assemble the majority of infrastructure we see around us like streets, railways, sewers, water infrastructure, bridges, and other complex systems. Here is the basic job descriptions of civil engineers, and the pros and cons of the job and field as a whole. Continue reading