Five Ways the Office is Different From the Classroom

While the days of unscheduled napping and irresponsibility are over, there are benefits to entering the professional world (money to do the things you want to do, for one). Transitioning from a traditional or online school to the office can be a shock. But the more you know about something the less daunting it is. So, here are five major changes to expect when you leave school and head to work. Continue reading

Resume Tips: Get Resume Noticed in Under One Minute

This time of year is the time when new college online graduates are in the job hunt, and given economic changes, it’s likely that seasoned professionals may be looking for a job too. The foundation of any successful job search is the resume; creating one that gets you into that all important meeting is an art form that ironically enough people make a career of themselves. Continue reading

Do You Have Public Speaking Anxiety? Pursue These Jobs

The thought of speaking in front of a large group of people is enough to cause anxiety for most individuals. If you dislike public speaking, you’re not alone. In fact, three out of every four people have speech anxiety, otherwise known as “glossophobia.” Although there are many ways to overcome your fear or lack of desire to speak publicly, there are a handful of professions that do not require public speaking. Continue reading