Land A Job With These Online Resume Tools

A resume is often times the contact you will have with an employer. With unemployment rates looming around 8 percent, there is no room for anything but flawless and compelling resumes that reflect your best traits. A resume tells employers what you’re all about, where you’ve been, and what you’re capable of bringing to the table. It is your personal marketing brochure to gain the employer’s attention and provide the information they need to bring you to the next step in the hiring process… an interview.
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Careers in Nutrition

Many people would like to combine their love of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition with a profession that would allow them to obtain financial security and explore a career that they actually have passion for. This article will examine careers in nutrition, and whether or not this field is for you… Continue reading

2012 Graduate Jobs : Where Are They?

Newspapers are full of dismal predictions for the class of 2012. Job growth over then past few years has slowed dramatically and overall employment numbers are not expected to return to pre-recession levels for several more years. Many students who are still in college have had to take a hard look at their choice of majors and change them to ones that are more marketable. For those new graduates who made these adjustments in the past few years, it may be easier to find an opening in the current job market than they had feared. Even for young people who only have a high school or community college education, there are several areas of job growth that can give them reason to feel optimistic, as well. Continue reading

What Jobs Are In Demand?

Given today’s tough economy and continued fluctuations in the employment market, many individuals ponder what jobs are in demand, and consider going back to school to learn a new trade or make a career change. Prospective students have many things to consider when choosing what type of academic program they will pursue. Students who are undecided or who are interested in a number of different fields are well-served by looking at recent information about the jobs that are hardest for employers to fill. Continue reading