Getting Started as a Freelance Designer

The amount of space being devoted to announcement of layoffs, studio closures, and redundancies is growing every month. The concept of job security or new positions opening up is now a distant memory, and as a result, a design degree graduates and seasoned designers are opting to run their own design businesses.
Going freelance is a big step and challenge, but it makes sense to give it a try. The following tips will give you the edge you need to succeed as a freelancer: Continue reading

Best Technology Blogs for Education

Education, as with all aspects of culture, is greatly impacted by the forward progress of technology. Several technology blogs for education are maintained by well-known individuals in the field of secondary and postsecondary education. These technology blogs address technological developments as these innovations relate to education. Continue reading

History of Modems

Technology is the driving force behind our personal and professional lives. This infographic details the progression of modern computer modems from 1943 to today. Whether you are interested in pursuing a computer engineering degree or IT degree, or are just a computer gear head — in two minutes you’ll discover the deep and interesting history of the modem… Continue reading