History of Modems

Technology is the driving force behind our personal and professional lives. This infographic details the progression of modern computer modems from 1943 to today. Whether you are interested in pursuing a computer engineering degree or IT degree, or are just a computer gear head — in two minutes you’ll discover the deep and interesting history of the modem… Continue reading

Education Map: Find Your College Major

“What should I do with my life?” Whether you are a recent high school graduate or in between various jobs, this may be a question you ask yourself. We’ll we are here to make your journey to discovering your potential a little easier. From health and medicine degrees, to hospitality degree specializations, follow this education map to your golden ticket – a college education! Continue reading

Does Your Career Hit The Mark?

Choosing a career can be tough. Compare your career and college degree to other popular fields in America and discover how yours adds up. In doing so, you’ll have a better idea of how career sectors match up. Whether you are seeking an IT degree, or pursing an education degree, you’ll find a great roadmap to average earnings and the number of people within a respective profession. Continue reading

Best Advertising Campaigns of All Time

Find out the best advertising campaigns, slogans, and avoided advertising campaign errors of all time in this infographic. Ever wonder what the average cost of a Superbowl ad is, or the average internet advertising revenue? You’ll find out in this infographic below. If you are a creative type that would like to get into the advertising field…be sure to look at the marketing degrees available. Maybe one day your advertising ideas will rank as one of “The Best Ad Campaigns of All Time”! The first step is to check out the online education opportunities on CollegeOnline.org.   Top 10 Ad Campaigns 1. Volkswagen, “Think Small”, 1959 2. Coca-Cola, “The pause that refreshes”, 1929 3. Marlboro, The Marlboro Man, 1955 4. Nike, “Just Do It”, 1988 5. McDonald’s, “You deserve a break today”, 1971 6. DeBeers, “A diamond is forever”, 1948 7. Absolut Vodka, The Absolut Bottle, 1981 8. Miller Lite, “Tastes great, less filling”, 1974 9. Clairol, “Does she…or doesn’t she?”, 1957 10. Avis, “We try harder”, 1963Top 10 Slogans 1. Just Do It – Nike 2. “Got Milk?” – National Dairy Council 3. “Think Different” – Apple 4. “This Bud’s for you” – Budweiser 5. “Reach out and touch someone” – AT&T 6. “Where’s the beef?” – Wendy’s 7. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” – United Negro College Fund 8. “Let your fingers do the walking” – Yellow Pages 9. “ A diamond is forever” – DeBeers 10. “They’re Grrrrreat!” – Frosted Flakes Advertisement Situations: Making the Best out of a Bad Situation: Las Vegas’ “What Happens Here, Stays Here” – Las Vegas failed at promoting themselves as a family destination, so in 2003 is promoted its ‘Sin City’ name through this edgy campaign.Product Placement: Reese’s Pieces in E.T. – M&M’s rejected the opportunity to appear in this classic … Continue reading