Color Theory: The ABCs of RGB

Graphic design is driven by the meaning behind colors, typography, layout, and shapes. It is important for both practicing graphic designers and Design degree students to understand the basics of color theory, and its impact on one’s brand. Whether you are a bachelor’s degree seeking collegiate, or a seasoned designer – this infographic on color theory will help illustrate the basics of color meaning, palate forming, and more. Continue reading

Importance of College : An Infographic

Amidst lower than average post-graduate employment, increased government scrutiny, and an overall weak economy, the importance of college has been a largely debated in America. Individuals, political figures, and journalists weigh in about the country’s educational system from high school preparedness, student debt, and even question the value of a college degree. Continue reading

Colleges in America: By The Numbers

When it comes time to start the college application process for college, your list of traditional or online schools may seem endless. There are a number of things to consider when searching for the perfect college program. Location, private or public, on-campus vs. online degrees, financial assistance, and even how large the university actually is. This is an important decision that may affect the rest of your life, so here is some help with weighing out your options. Continue reading