Online College Videos: YouTube Roundup

Sometimes you just have to get a visual or first-hand account of something to get a flavor of what it’s all about. This is no different in online college. There are many unknowns or open questions you may have, but once you get a first-hand look for what online college is all about then those may hesitations drift away.

We’ve compiled our favorite online college videos from YouTube to inform, inspire, and educate students about eLearning and online degrees. Check out our top online college videos here: Continue reading

The Future of Higher Education

What is the future of higher education? A recent Pew Internet Study, which surved of 1,021 Internet experts, researchers, observers and users was created to answer important facts about our higher education system in America, and where it is headed. Hybrid learning, ed tech, and online education were cited to proliferate. Will college tuition rise even more? Find out below… [More on online degrees...]

10 Best Blogs for Instructional Design

As such, more students are choosing to advance their education, expand their skill sets, and receive their bachelor’s degree online. This has increased the need for graduates with an Instructional Design degree. Students interested in this field have many options, and it may be difficult to find all the information they need. To help provide students and practitioners with the information they crave, below is a list of the top 10 blogs for instructional Design. Continue reading