Working with Millennials in College Projects and Beyond

What does this mean for the modern-day classroom? Students cross-generationally work together to learn – all with the common goal of obtaining a college degree. One large group currently enrolled in college are millennials – or individuals born in 1982 to mid-90s. Generall speaking, millenials are accustomed to working in groups, are eager to become friends with their coworkers, and have no problem with diversity in the workplace. Continue reading

How To Go Back To School After Unemployment

Getting laid off is a stressful time of life for any individual who has been in the workforce for years. Not only do you have to learn how to go back to school, how to learn again, and changing your current lifestyle by not having that bi-weekly paycheck. It requires a re-evaluation of the current career and sometimes even finding a new career path. With the unemployment rate looming around 8 percent nationwide, it’s no mystery that many people are seeking a new avenue for professional success. If you find yourself in this situation, going back to school has become an option for many. Continue reading