Professor Interview: Spotlight on Soma Jurgensen

We had the opportunity to connect with Soma Jurgensen, the Chair of the School of Business at Rasmussen College in Brooklyn Park. In her position, she works to fostering the health and growth of the business program and the students. She has worked in higher education for nearly a decade. Prior to teaching, she worked at General Mills and other notable business organizations. Continue reading

Worst Ads and Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Marketing campaigns that fail can be put down to numerous different causes. Bad timing, lack of consumer interest, offensiveness, and cultural insensitivity are some of the many reasons that could contribute to the downfall of a marketing campaign. Here are some marketing campaigns which took a terrific tumble – resulting in financial losses, a tarnished reputation, and more. Continue reading

Do You Have Public Speaking Anxiety? Pursue These Jobs

The thought of speaking in front of a large group of people is enough to cause anxiety for most individuals. If you dislike public speaking, you’re not alone. In fact, three out of every four people have speech anxiety, otherwise known as “glossophobia.” Although there are many ways to overcome your fear or lack of desire to speak publicly, there are a handful of professions that do not require public speaking. Continue reading